Commercial lighting ceiling viewBaker Electric has installed lighting in thousands of businesses, institutions and homes since nearly the end of World War II.

We have led the state of Iowa and the Midwest in energy efficiency lighting, with work on existing systems to brand-new and elaborate systems that enhance beauty, optimize safety and save money.

Cost-Competitive Lighting

Our friendly and experienced family of electricians and designers will offer cost-competitive solutions to your existing lighting needs, and will educate you on green lighting performance in your facilities and home. Your quality of work and family life stands to improve, and your production capabilities and worker satisfaction will likely increase.

Exceeding Government & Institutional Lighting Standards

Fully licensed, expertly equipped and unparalleled professionalism have earned us countless jobs in healthcare, commercial, financial and banking industries. Baker Electric has been everywhere in the Des Moines metro area, and has served and exceeded lighting needs in thousands of sites throughout Iowa and the Midwest.