Energy Savings

Energy Savings_350x263.jpg“Sustainability” has attracted much recent attention, but Baker Electric has always focused on lowering your overhead costs through conservation, LEED certification, energy audits, lighting retrofits, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors — and good, time-tested methods to cut your electric bills.

We Went Green Decades Ago

Baker Electric outfitted the very first LEED-certified convenience store in the country for Krause-Gentle Kum & Go. Why is this so important? “LEED” (or “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”) certification means the store will save tens of thousands of dollars over time, and save energy all the while.

Energy Audits

As a process, we work to help ensure customers are saving on electricity, lighting and other costs. We begin with a full assessment and testing of energy use levels, and invariably, we will identify energy losses. From there, we will advise a system and plan to reduce energy costs, and meanwhile enhance comfort and productivity for all affected.